Let’s talk about tampon/pad commercials. They’re lame. About as lame as getting your period on the first day of vacay. Or the night you decide to sleep with your new dude for the first time (WHY, GOD WHY?!).

Anyway. It’s like, HELLO, what a golden opportunity for advertisers to make funny ads for women (because we all know guy shit gets all the cool commercials), but their “clever” attempts always fall flat.

Until now.

When my super-witty, ultra-creative, always-cool friend Liza (founding editor of Scoutmob) sent me an email with “Blog worthy” as the subject line, I had no doubt it would end up right smack on Witty + Pretty in the near future. And I was right.

Say hello…to HelloFlo.

GENIUS. About halfway through, I realized I was watching with wide eyes and my mouth hanging open (well, between laughs). Camp gyno?! Red Badge of Courage?! I’m Joan and their vag is the Arc!? It’s like Santa for your vagina!? I die. And is that Maya Rudolph’s daughter at the :30 second mark (has to be).

Anyway, that little girl and this ad are incredible, and the concept is pretty sweet, too. How many of you ladies have frantically scrambled around the house digging through drawers and purses for a tampon you just KNOW has to be there when Aunt Flo (that bitch) arrives? Because I do it pretty much EVERY. MONTH. And I find one about 37% of the time.

How it works: You pick a package of protection depending on your flow ($14-$18, includes shipping), and there is a “tampon only” option (I mean, I haven’t touched a pad since 8th grade). It shows up when you need it, and also includes “some delicious treats,” which I assume is chocolate, but hope is alcohol. One caveat: Right now, the goods are Tampax Pearl and Always, but as they grow, they expect to carry more brands. When they get Playtex Sport, I’ll be up in there like a, well, you know.

And seriously, let’s hope the Camp Gyno sends vodka.


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