If you’re anything like me, nothing motivates you for a workout like good music (and alcohol on the other side). W+P health and fitness expert (and secret DJ) Cara, has curated a badass list of tunes (I added a few, too) to get you through that run/spin class/P90X/Prancercise session.

Start listening and you just might get the URGE TO BURN (calories). Coincidentally, that’s the title of the first song…

Stream it below or click here to open via the Internets.

Happy sweating,
Ashley + Cara

Hear Cara’s kickass tunes in her Flywheel and Flybarre classes, and check out her website for health and fitness tips on the reg! And stay tuned for a brand-new playlist next month…

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  1. My workouts would be a complete joke if I didn’t have the FIT Radio app, with mixes similar to this one

  2. […] like to mix it up with circuit workouts and the occasional spontaneous dance off, where I can just break it down to a song and really keep my heart rate up. But my favorite activity is going to Mommy & Me yoga class […]


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