Laughing, making people laugh, and watching people laugh are basically my three favorite things in life, so I can’t get enough of this video by Tripp and Tyler. The #BabyWaker, I can’t even…


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  1. […] I got to sit next to Chesley during the Saturday night dinner and really talk, even with all her best friends surrounding her. I can’t imagine if my phone had been within reach, or even worse, sitting on the table (gross). And on the 2-hour car ride to the Denver airport, when I normally may have been catching up on email/Facebook/Lulu, we reminisced about the incredible weekend and shared some serious baby waker laughs. […]

  2. […] seem to get the hang of it. Maybe he’s camera shy. (Also, please notice Tripp and Tyler of this incredible video #hashtagging in the […]


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