My name is Ashley and I’m a recovering aggressive teeth brusher.

This should come as no shock as I’m an aggressive driver, aggressive shopper, aggressive coffee drinker, aggressive Emoji user, aggressive Flywheeler…I mean, the list goes on and on.

I’m really serious about my teeth (floss daily, have been using Tom’s toothpaste my ENTIRE LIFE) and when I go to the dentist (like, um, every five years), I always have a flawless report…except that my gums are kinda’ receding in a few places because I brushed too hard for too many years. This is no bueno and means I’ll eventually have to get a gum graft (sounds like a blast) or my teeth could fall out (I think we’ve all had actual nightmares about that one), so let it be a lesson to you all to treat your chompers with care.

For agro-brushers, dentists recommend electric toothbrushes, but I’m old-school when it comes to my pearly whites and I just don’t want to go there. I eased up on my pressure washing (obviously), but still felt like I could be doing damage with the bristles on my ol’ Oral-B.

And then I discovered the Radius Source toothbrush (Warning: #NoMakeup!):


The SUPER soft bristles get the job done, and the head is so wide (that’s what she said?) that you cover a lot of ground with less scrubbing. If there was ever a toothbrush that’s like a massage for your mouth, this is it. Plus, the “ergonomic”, wooden handle is comfortable for both righties and lefties, and made from either recycled wood, paper, or….wait for it….DOLLA DOLLA bills, ya’ll. That’s right, your toothbrush can be made of U.S. currency, and what’s more baller than that, besides your toothpaste having 24-carat gold flecks in it? (Now, there’s an idea…)
radiusYou can also buy replacement heads (and they come with one), so you’re helping save the planet by cutting down on your toothbrush waste. Somewhere in a land far away, there’s a giant landfill of plastic toothbrushes, and you will have NO part of that.

I found my Source at a crunchy shop in NYC’s West Village, but you can pick up these bad boys at Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond and some other retailers, and order online, of course ($7).

I love your smile.


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  1. Makeup, schmakeup. You look gorgeous without it. 🙂 And I snorted at TWSS. Nice.


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