Uh oh, ladies. As if your boyfriend/husband/fiance/baby daddy/sugar daddy didn’t ignore you enough during football season, things are about to get a LOT WORSE…

If you’ve recovered from the shock and awe of the Mumford & Sons video, it’s time for yet another OMFG-WTF-ROFL gem, this time from the Manning brothers who are rapping (ish) about DirecTV’s new capability for watching football on your phone.

Because your phone’s not for callin….

Your phone’s for footballin.

The barber shop. The fly girls. Peyton’s Pete Wentz mullet. The bros’ awkward rapping voices. Something about spilling milk on a girl’s blouse (huh?). This vid is a home run, er, touchdown, and the song is most definitely going to be stuck in my head.

Oh, and t-minus 29 days until NFL season…..

…and fantasy leagues.

Lord help us.


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