Kids started school yesterday in Georgia. WHAT THE F*CK!? It’s early August!!! Where I’m from (Delaware, b*tches!), we sometimes started school AFTER Labor Day! These poor kids. It rained every day during their entire “summer” and now they have to go back to the classroom. How depressing. I mean, let’s hope they don’t start cutting.

ANYWAY, Hayden of Pretty In My Pocket (download it, use it, love it), is here with a super cute and clever guide to the best back-to-school products you can easily toss in your Jansport to stay fresh and pretty until the last bell rings (read: the workday ends and you head to happy hour). 
are you ready for class

Sharpen those pencils, soak in those final rays, and turn down the Alice Cooper because school is NO longer out for summer. Yes friends, it’s indeed that time again for Trapper Keepers, gel pens, and organized sports. We are going back to school again.

Unlike some of our favorite high school sitcom stars, we don’t carry out our school day in a crop top, suspenders, leggings, and side pony ready to 1 2 3 BEND!… (damn you Kelly Kapowski). Some of us need a little touch up here and there. Whether you’re going back to school or continuing an adult “real world” life sans summer vacay (#FML), all you need to keep in your bookbag or purse are the basics for touching up in the bathroom pre-meeting or locker hallway mirror after class. So clear out some space in that pencil pack for these five primo products.
Witty n Pretty Cara back to school Products

Lips: The easiest way to look feminine and put together is to have a youthful, bright lip.  With almost every brand coming out with their own versions, balm stains/chubby sticks/lip crayons are some of the best products to keep up with you throughout the day. They’re moisturizing, pigment rich, yet balmy and dewy in appearance and texture. I’m crushing on CoverGirl’s Jumbo Gloss Balm ($9).

Cheeks: When you’re not flushed from cafeteria flirting, get cheeky with a simple swipe of Nars Multiple ($39). This multipurpose makeup stick comes in a variety of shades, some more rosy and pigment rich like Portofino or G-spot, and some more shimmery and girly, like Copacabana or Orgasm. Either way, this cream-to-powder twist-up (with grown-up names!) can sculpt, brighten, and highlight cheekbones, brow bones, AND lips.

Lashes: First off, I would not suggest re-coating mascara throughout the day; it looks and works best when applied to clean, fresh lashes and no one digs the crunchy, clumpy look. But understandably by 4th period, lashes can look limp, so give them a quick run-through with CoverGirl’s Lashblast Clump Crusher Mascara ($9) for separation and volume. I am a HUGE fan of this mascara (as is Allure, giving it the Beauty Breakthrough award). Truly non-clumping, the formula and wand bring you fluttery and flirty lashes for days.

Scent: Let’s get real. People are stanky. Especially in high school (no offense). Why not be the fairest freshest of them all by keeping a rollerball perfume on hand? With a five-star rating, one of the most popular scents on the Pretty In My Pocket app is Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy ($22). Many perfumes are sold in the rollerball packaging, so pick out your favorite and always keep it handy. Apply the perfume behind the ears, on the neck, and on your inner wrists for the best effect.

Finish: You want to look glowy…not greasy. Fight sweat and stress with a handy finishing powder to swipe under eyes, down the nose, and across the t-zone and chin to absorb any extra moisture. For quality coverage, durable packaging, and easy application, go for Lancome’s Dual Finish Fragrance Free Versatile Powder Makeup ($38).

You’ve done your beauty homework, so now it’s time to hit the mall!

Over and out my people pupils,

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