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I have so passionately despised the Atlanta cab system for the entire eight years (omg, I’m old) that I’ve lived in this city. Not only are they the most expensive cabs in the country (besides like, Hawaii or something), but for the most part, the cab drivers are rude, corrupt a-holes. To know me is to witness me get in a yelling, F-bomb dropping altercation with a cab driver for jacking up the meter, lying about his credit card machine being broken, and/or just being a straight-up prick.

Whew, I got worked up just typing that. And for the record, I have had a FEW positive cab experiences. Like, 6 out of 347.

But then, just when I thought I just couldn’t take it any longer…Uber arrived in the ATL like a knight on a white horse in a black car. If you’re not familiar with the service (now avail in 39 cities), here’s the quick and dirty: Download the app using a promo code so you get $10 off your first ride (mine is q5p6f if you wanna’ roll with that), enter your credit card info so it’s on file, and get ready to ride! Open the app, set your preference to black car, SUV, or UberX (we’ll get to that), and it will tell you exactly how far away the closest car is.
uber 1
Five minutes: SCORE! Set your location, click “Request car” and they’ll be there in the time specified (you can always view their location on the map) and you’ll get a text when they arrive. (Often, they’ll call while en route to make sure they’ve got the address/directions correct.) Then, hop in (the best drivers have waters waiting), lean back in the lap of leather luxury, and be on your fancy-pants way. When they drop you off, just peace out because it’s paid (TIP INCLUDED!) via your credit card info on file.

Is it pricier, you ask? Well…ish. The black cars and SUVs are slightly pricier than cabs, BUT…you can now SPLIT FARES (!!!!) between other Uber users in the car. Game…changer. But some folks still don’t want to pony up the extra cash…

And that’s why there’s UberX. These are still certified, professional drivers just using their own cars (vehicles have to be approved by Uber, newer than 2005, and are always tidy) and it’s the same price (or in Atlanta, CHEAPER) than cabs. I’m so obsessed. I’ve been using it every time I go out and am always pleasantly shocked when I see the prices. $18 (remember, tip included) from my Old Fourth Ward apartment to Buckhead? Um,  yes please. UberX is now in: Atlanta, L.A., Boston, Chicago, NYC, San Diego, San Fran, Seattle, Paris, and London (and more soon).

So let’s recap the five greatest things about Uber:

1. Instead of price-jacking prick cab drivers and stanky taxis, you get extremely courteous and friendly CHAUFFEURS in clean, nice vehicles. Here I am with my new BFF Faraj this past weekend in front of his whip (I used him three times to get to and from wedding festivities).
2. You know when they’re going to show. If you’re a girl, you know exactly how much time you need to get ready, so having a countdown to when your car arrives is crucial (if only our dates could provide this luxury…). For me, Uber is usually 7-10 minutes away, so I request a car right after I wrap up my makeup routine, then I spritz on perfume, finish my glass of wine (or vodka), pack my purse, prepare my dog’s peanut butter Kong, and VOILA: My ride has arrived!

3. NO DEALING WITH CASH. I mean, who has cash on them at all times (besides my dad, strippers, and drug dealers)? The feeling of hopping out of the car and not having to open your wallet is just…exhilarating.

4. You feel fancy. I have mostly been using UberX since they launched, but I still get the traditional black car every once in a while because I like to walk out my front door and have it waiting for me like Carrie in Sex and the City. Only instead of Big in the car taking me to an expensive steakhouse, it’s Faraj taking me to a bar.

Let me know if you have any questions (what am I, a service rep now?), and sit back and enjoy the ride…


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  1. Ashley – Do you know if UberX is in the burbs at all like my hood – Sandy Springs? 🙂

  2. Living in atlanta as well I have dealt with just as many ass hole cab drivers, I don’t want to speak too soon but I am pretty sure this post is one of the top 10 things I have every read on the internet!!


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