You may know this tip all too well and think, “DUH, ASHLEY, I never leave home without doing that, you dummy,” or I could be dropping a total beauty bomb on you, but either way, this is a makeup trick I’ve been doing for years, and it works like a charm for opening up your eyes (a must for sleepy/hungover days) and making them look bigger and brighter.

All you do is dab light, shimmery shadow in the inner corner of each eye (just make sure you’ve removed any eye boogies, EW). You can apply a little more and utilize the “V shape” like our girl Blake…
Grand Opening Of The Swarovski Crystallized Concept Store
…or keep it quick and just do a little dab in each corner with your pinky finger (what I do most days). White/pearl shades work, but I think champagne-ish hues look better and more natural. My top three picks are:


Cover Girl Eye Enhancers in Champagne ($4), Too Faced shadow in Silk Teddy, which is in the Natural Eye palette that I SWEAR BY ($36), and Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour in Ballet Pink (also an amazing all-over highlighter, $23).

You’ll be singing “Wake Me Up” makeup praises in no time…


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