No one likes waking up with wild, nappy, tangled bed head.
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Well, unless you’re really hungover because then it makes for a hilarious Snapchat.

(Okay, so I don’t use Snapchat, but I assume that’s what it’s for.)

I used to be hesitant to sleep with my hair up, but now (after consulting numerous experts to make sure it was 100% non-damaging), I always pull it into a pony before bed. When you sleep (especially if you thrash around like a tween at a Biebs concert), your hair rubs against itself and your pillow, which leads to knots, frizz, and quicker breakage. Some tips for protecting your lovely lady locks whilst getting your beauty rest:

1. Put your hair in a not-too-tight ponytail using Emi Jay/Kitsch-style ties (Goody even makes them now!). I secure my pony at the tippy-top of my head so, A) It doesn’t get in the way when I lay on my back, and B) It gives me some extra lift at the root. You can also use a soft, old-school scrunchie, but I prefer the Kitsch ties as they don’t give me a crease but DO give me a little added wave in the a.m. When I do this, I totally preserve my blowout overnight. And NEVER sleep with your hair in a regular ol’ rubbery elastic and/or anything super-tight, as that tension and pulling is what can lead to hair loss. #YIKES.

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2. Sleep on nice fabric. Duh. Even if your sheets are cheap, spring for a set of high-thread count/silk/satin/sateen pillowcases. The silkier the pillowcase, the smoother your strands. And your face will thank you, too.

3. Brush before bed. If your mane is straight, definitely do this so you’re guaranteed to be knot-free when you awake. But if you have curl you want to keep and don’t detect any serious knottage, you don’t have to break out the brush. I never do (says the girl who rarely brushes her hair anyway).

4. Braid or bun it. A loose braid down your back will give you beachy, natural waves in the morning. A loose bun on the top of your head can also lead to lovely locks come sunrise, but the trick is not securing it too tightly; THIS is the perfect time to break out the Lisa Turtle scrunchie. And if you have mastered a sock bun (bitch), you can sock it up while your hair is slightly damp, go to bed, and you’ll awake with cascading curls. And don’t Snapchat me a picture of that because I’ll be jealous and pissed.

5. Don’t go to bed with wet hair (unless it’s just slightly damp for braid or bun purposes). I mean, we’ve all done it, but snoozing on sopping strands = cowlicks and quicker split ends.

Sleep with these steps and you’ll want to post a first-thing-in-the-morning selfie.

Or not.


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