When I saw this Amy Schumer clip titled “Sluttiest Friend” (probably NSFW), I couldn’t not check it out.

Oh, you think that’s me admitting I’m the slutty friend? Come on, you guys. I’m 30 now. And my family reads this.

(Just don’t ask my college roommates.)

Every group of 20-something women has the slutty friend (unless they’re a group of church-going, non-drinking virgins, and even then, someone is lying.)

But then you get older, everyone starts getting married (even the “slutty friend,” which is always awkward during rehearsal dinner speeches), and then there’s just the “single friend,” and all the married gals are like, “OMG, we totally live vicariously through you,” while most of them are secretly judging her for not having found her “best friend” to marry and pop out kids with.

And the single girl is all

At least that’s what I hear….

Cheers to friendship!


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