Remember life before Spanx?

I try to block it out.

Well, the beloved tummy-tucking, thigh-thinning, ass-boosting, man-repelling shapewear has just released its new Star Power collection, and it…is…powerful.

The leggings are made of some magical material that makes you look like the lower-body hybrid of Pippa Middleton and Gisele.
Slide1I mean, you can’t even tell the difference between the Victoria’s Secret Angel and me, right? It’s crazy!

I’m sporting the Tout & About Shaping leggings ($48) and they feel like a second skin, plus they have a super-high waist (read: muffin top minimizer) that you can wear all the way up past your belly button or roll down like I did above. I’m also very intrigued by the Dress to Slimpress leather and suede styles; not that I need leather or suede accents to justify wearing “leggings as pants” (as the haters say), because I WILL wear leggings anytime, anywhere and proud of it. They ARE pants, people.

For you Atlanta ladies, the Star Power launch party is this Saturday, August 17 at Macy’s at Lenox Square! You can meet (and praise) Sara Blakely herself as well as the fab Jessica Dauler, score swag bags (get there early for those bad boys), win giveaways, see a Star Power fashion show (ummm, why didn’t they ask me to be in it….?), buy those leggings (duh), get complimentary MAC makeup touchups, and much more. Click HERE for all the deets; and disregard the “at capacity” thing; it’s an open event and Macy’s is just blowing smoke referring to the fashion show VIP seating.

With the hosiery queen in ATL, I figured it was time to ambush her with my burning questions. See what she has to say about magic, makeup, and making it big.

sara-blakely-21. Ok, the Star Power leggings. What the F do they have in them that make them so magical? Fairy dust?!
It’s the magic of SPANX! We are committed to using the most innovative shaping solutions that deliver dramatic results…with a comfortable fit. Our fashion forward products give Star Power its stylish edge.

2. Stylish edge is right. So I read in an interview that you use Pond’s Cold Cream (so do I!). Aside from that, what are the five beauty products you swear by?
I am a beauty junkie at heart–picking five is hard! I love dry shampoo because it gives me an extra day to go without washing my hair. I like Sally Hansen Airbrush Spray Tan because it evens out my skin tone and you can pick it up at any drugstore. I get my eyelashes tinted black so I don’t have to wear mascara, but I like to put a clear gloss on them to make them really stand out. I wear Jan Marini sunscreen every day—I love how lightweight it is. And I love a bold lip, so I wear Estee Lauder lipstick in Fig and swipe a clear gloss over it for shine.

3. How do you stay fit? (We know that physique isn’t ALL Spanx). 

I like to warm up with a walk to a jog, and then move to a run toward the end. I try to keep my heart rate up during the majority of the workout and often use just body weight as resistance, as well as bands and light dumbbells or medicine balls. I like to mix it up with circuit workouts and the occasional spontaneous dance off, where I can just break it down to a song and really keep my heart rate up. But my favorite activity is going to Mommy & Me yoga class with my son.

4. Bringing new meaning to child’s pose. What’s your woman weakness(es) that you splurge on?

I splurge on experiences for friends and family. When I started Spanx, my first fashion splurge was buying two front row tickets to the John Galliano fashion show in Paris (at a charity event), and I took my mom.

5. I love that. I know you get this ALL the time, but can you give a few nuggets of advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs?
Don’t be afraid to fail! Growing up, my dad encouraged us to fail. At the dinner table, he would ask us what we failed at that day. If we didn’t have something, he would be disappointed. It changed my mindset at an early age that failure is not the outcome; it is not trying. To me, failure is life’s way of nudging you to keep on the right path.

Also, don’t quit your day job. It took me two years from the time I had the idea for Spanx until the time I had a product in hand ready to sell to stores. While I was investing my $5,000 worth of savings into Spanx, I held onto my day job until I had landed accounts with Neiman Marcus and Saks. I worked on Spanx at night, during lunch, and on weekends, so I advise aspiring entrepreneurs to keep their day jobs as long as possible for financial security.

6. What’s the last thing that inspired you?
Last year, I met a young, aspiring entrepreneur named Veronika Scott at the Forbes Philanthropy Summit. At the time, she was finishing college and had just founded The Empowerment Plan. Today, she employs homeless women in Detroit to make coats that turn into sleeping bags, which are then distributed to homeless people all over the city and beyond. I was so inspired by her, I flew her to Atlanta and she spoke about her journey to the entire company.

7. Very cool. Ok, final question! What’s your favorite Spanx product(s)? Or is that like picking a favorite child?
Right now I’m loving our new Star Power Dress to Slimpress and Tout & About Shaping Leggings. They are stylish, slimming and perfect for fall.

I couldn’t agree more.

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