I remember it like it was yesterday. MLK weekend of my freshman year in college (2001), and I had flown home for a “romantic weekend” with the guy I was dating before I left for school. He didn’t have a cell phone (or knowing the dudes I dated back then, it was prepaid and he had used up all his minutes), and he said his brother might be calling me if he needed him (and then this song came to mind). So we’re driving down to a hotel at the beach, and my pink Qualcomm phone makes a foreign sound and something pops up on the screen.

Me: “Wait, what’s this?” (Hands phone to dude).
Dude: “Oh, I think that’s called a text message.”

(Please note he didn’t say that in a condescending, are-you-stupid manner. He said it like you’d tell someone about that new restaurant that just opened down the street: “I think it’s called Taco Palace or something…?”)

And that was my first text ever. My ex-boyfriend’s sketch brother. What…a milestone.

Obviously things have progressed since then to picture messaging, group texts, sexting, and MOST IMPORTANTLY….Emoji.

So, what does this have to do with anything besides me reminiscing about The One Who Got Away? Wellllll, I’m giving away THREE of these super-cute cell phone tanks that badass NYC designer Suno made for Glamour magazine and is selling exclusively via my fave online shop, Les Nouvelles ($95)!

cell shirt

Wear it alone while it’s still warm (I love it with boyfriend jeans and wedges), then come fall, this talked-about top is perfection for layering. And it’s guaranteed to start a conversation or two (uh, kinda’ like your phone).

Now TO WIN! All you have to do is leave a comment on this entry with the funniest and/or most random text or textchange in your phone right now. Tell the story behind it or let it tell itself. If I need to see it to get the full effect (ie. if there are Emojis) feel free to email it to me (ashley@wittyandpretty.com), but that’s totally not required. I know it’s easy to lie or embellish with a contest like this, but 1) Witty + Pretty readers are awesome and funny without embellishing, so I really don’t anticipate much of that, but 2) I may be turning on my BS text radar anyway, and if you win, 3) I may need to see the proof (you can cross/crop the name out of course) of the winning SMS. Also, to win, you MUST like Witty + Pretty on Facebook (duh). Two winners will be chosen randomly and one will be chosen based on hilarity. The submissions end Friday, August 23 and I’ll notify the winners by Monday!

Here’s some inspiration from my phone to get you thinking (Yolanda is the housekeeper we both use; and PS, for you Atlantans, she is GREAT):

text 2
Now let me see yours so the tank can BE yours!


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  1. Oh, I will definitely be emailing you one! And jeez, you remember your first text? Impressive! ps – Emojis rock.

  2. A favorite text convo that I took a screenshot of in FEB 2012 and STILL HAVE is with my friend, asking her if she felt like going to see The Vow in theaters like losers for Valentines Day.

    Me “Do you want to go see the Vow at 7:15?”
    Friend “Did you just ask me if i want to kill myself?

    Also, a message with a guy friend asking what he is up to tonight… his matter-of-fact reply? Chat Roulette.

  3. “I should fire you for saying LOL”

  4. My friend, Marla, thinks it’s hysterical that I can’t go #2 while on vacation or in public restrooms so she kept texting me all of the random places she was going. I hadn’t heard from her for a few days so I texted her “you’ve stopped regaling me with all of the wonderful places you’ve pooped…don’t you love me anymore?”

  5. So, my man & I just got doggy #2, & they’ve been romping around like two lil guys on bath salts. While I was at the grocery store, my guy texted:
    Him: Clyde bit Cletus in the penis! Cletus yelped! Lol
    Me: Bahawaha! Do we have chicken base?


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