Obvi, the world has been buzzing about Miley for the past 36ish hours. Hell, the top CNN headline spot (you know, where 9/11, Obama election, Newtown shooting, #FiscalCliff coverage once was) said the word “twerk” on Monday morning. I can’t even.

Soon, it will all blow over and America will be on to the next celeb train wreck. But I hope we always keep a special place in our hearts for those VMA performances that were mind-blowing…in a good way.

And THAT’s how you show the world you’ve become a “woman.” Watching this simultaneously gave me chills and also brought back a very vivid memory of me viewing the VMAs live as a senior in high school and immediately digging out my mom’s old-school aerobics mat so I could do 2,000 crunches on the living room floor.

Brit. Was. THE BOSS. (This, too.)

As for the second best female performance in VMA history in my opinion: DUH. (And if you’re going to watch that, watch ’til the end; I had forgotten its magnitude). And remember this MJ tribute when Janet “danced” with her brother at the end and we all lost our shit? Also, you’ll notice Beyonce goes nuts in the crowd at 1:35…back when she attended the VMAs.


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  1. Coincidentally, I jammed out to a little Britney on the way to work this morning. Britney forever. Her body was (is?) sick.

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