Diane-Von-Furstenberg-whats-hot-ed0910-08-lgnWhile I was gushing to my bestie Kate about a vintage, gold DVF dress I’d seen at the The Cycle of Style consignment boutique, she said, “Ohmygod Ash, I have to have it. You know, Diane Von Furstenberg is like, my life idol.”

I did not know that about my BFF so I was all, “Wait, why? Because she was on The Hills?”

I’m kidding. I didn’t say that (I don’t think…).

Kate went on to explain the way DVF lives her life is inspirational and well, just plain cool (read about her typical day here), and that she starts every day sending an email that will benefit someone (and not herself). Sometimes it’s an introduction that could change an aspiring designer’s life or a simple compliment to a friend.

I absolutely LOVED this mantra and its beautiful simplicity. I’m often asked for email introductions, intel about jobs, suggestions for things to do around town (or gift ideas for my guy friends’ wives/girlfriends), advice on how to get into writing, etc. I try to respond to everyone, but I always worry some are slipping through the cracks and people will think I’m a total bitch. This way, I’ll put them in my “DVF” folder and answer one (maybe even TWO!) a day. If/when the folder is empty, I’ll start brainstorming my own ways to help people out or just send emails to my friends that say, “Hey, you’re pretty.”

Or maybe they’ll have a little more depth than that.

If you can’t think of anything specific that might benefit someone, don’t worry–it will cross your path soon enough (if you want it to). In the meantime, think of the last nice thing you thought about someone, but didn’t say aloud. (Do you ever do that?) I compliment my friends a lot, but sometimes I’ll think things to myself and not speak up for no good reason (ok, it’s probably because my mouth is full of chips and guac or vodka). Then I’ll tell them, “Hey, I meant to tell you those jeans you wore to happy hour three weeks ago made you look SO thin,” and they’re like, “Uh, thanks…weirdo.”

Bottom line: Do a nice deed over your coffee and you’re guaranteed to be in a better mood while you sift through all your email crap and for the rest of the day. And you know what they Justin says: What goes around comes back around.”

I thought I told ya…babe.


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