When Avicii’s “Wake Me Up” came out, I just about died. Now I’m literally dead. (Who knows what literally means, anyway?)

This Swedish DJ/producer is changing the EDM game (that’s “electronic dance music” for you “out-of-touch” folks) with his #dope sounds and mixing talents, and it’s resulting in tracks perfect for running, workout out, dancing around your home in your underwear (not like I know any weirdos who do that), playing at a party, cruising around town, or dicking around on Facebook (who doesn’t want a soundtrack for that?). I’m especially loving “Hey Brother” (if you liked “Wake Me Up”, you will, too) and “All You Need is Love” which does NOT sample The Beatles, so don’t get pissed when you don’t hear Paul McCartney’s sweet vocals. Listen via Spotify below or snag that jawn on iTunes. (Yes, I just said dope and jawn in the same blog entry. Literally.)


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  1. Speaking of EDM are you going to TomorrowWorld? So pumped. Literally.


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