woman-spray-perfume-on-her-wrist_article_newPerfume is tricky business. Not only do you have to love the scent you’re spraying on your body, but if you plan on being around people (which includes dates), it’s nice if those people enjoy the smell as well. Tough Love Tom says women should refrain from fragrances (refragrance?) altogether, but I think that’s a little extreme (and for all we know, he may have only dated chicks who doused themselves in Paris Hilton perfume, so no wonder he’s traumatized).
IMG_9043Also, you don’t want to wear the scent EVERYONE else wears. Remember when every girl wore Thierry Mugler Angel? (Nowadays, it makes me gag a little.) What about Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue? (Steer clear of that one if you’re on the dating scene because most dudes have an ex who rocked it.) Or take it waaaay back to when we were spritzing on Liz Claiborne Curve or…wait for it…Exclamation. Many an 8th grade boy got a nose-full of that one while slow dancing to Boyz II Men.

But now, there’s a easy, exciting way to find your signature fragrance without sniffing every bottle at Sephora and giving yourself a headache whilst burning out your nostrils. Get a whiff of Bergamot, the Birchbox (but better) of perfume! Sign up for one month ($18), three months ($16 per month), or six months ($14 per month), and you’ll get a beautiful box of three unique, boutique samples. As if I even need to say it, these make awesome gifts for gals.

I got the first collection called “Love At First Sight” and couldn’t believe that it was actually love at first sight sniff for all three of the scents.
IMG_9041Jasmin et Cigarette by Etat Libre D’Orange (French, obvi) is ooh-la-la sexy, while Love by MCMC Fragrances (Brooklyn) is mostly fresh with a little bit of feisty, and Evening Edges in Gold by Ineke (San Fran) might be my fave because it has that slight tinge of beachiness I crave.


Oh, and when you find The One and buy a full-size bottle from Bergamot, they’ll give you a free month’s subscription.

That definitely doesn’t stink.


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  1. Wish this laptop had a sniff tester. Either way, I’m trying this! Thanks!


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