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This masterpiece train wreck of a site has once again snagged the title of Best Fashion Blogger in Creative Loafing’s BEST OF ATLANTA! Remember last year, I tied with another blog and found out the news while I was stuffing my face with Richard Blais (ish).

I’d like to thank the woman who called me the c-word on my entry about moms on Facebook (she was a mother herself, so that was nice) and the sweet man who said I was bitter, pretentious, and (wait for it) slutty on the engagement post. It’s because of these fine folks that I do what do do.

BUT SERIOUSLY, thanks to everyone who voted! I feel so #blessed and #humbled to receive this award. A shout out to the regular guest bloggers for their amazingness: Hayden Gray from Pretty in my Pocket, health and fitness expert Cara Weaver, nail guru Myka Barbato, and of course “Tough Love Tom” Trey Humphreys, who, honestly, is probably the reason we won. And I’d also like to thank vodka (for obvious reasons).

And now…celebration time!
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  1. Ashley, I just started following your blog within the past couple of weeks and LOVE it. You are absolutely hilarious, and I enjoy the variety of content you write about. Oh, and love Avicii’s new “Hey Brother!” Looking forward to learning and laughing more!

  2. Congrats! You deserve all the success. Your blog is one of my favorite reads every day! Maybe I’ll run into you at Fly Wheel or Drybar. 🙂


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