Have you ever put regular ol’ ice cubes in your drink and thought, “Ugh, #SNOOZEFEST,” or “These ice cubes are more bland and boring than my ex-boyfriend”?

No? Me either. (Although I think we all have a lame ex we just thought of.)

But still…why not make something more exciting (and tastier) when you can? (That’s what she said.) Our health and fitness expert Cara came up with the idea to squeeze lemon and/or lime juice into her ice cubes for that refreshing citrus taste in her glass of water and leave in little slivers of the fruit for looks. Then we decided to take it to the next level with berries, which aren’t going to provide you with TOO much flavor, but they look pretty for a party. If you are not Martha Stewart and don’t know how you’d even begin to make half the shit you see on Pinterest, this is a perfect, EASY way for you to feel somewhat crafty and impress people.

Blueberries and raspberries work best. If you want to shove a strawberry into a cube hole, go for it (and send me a picture of that disaster).
IMG_2738IMG_2743IMG_2745IMG_2752ice ice
Bottoms up!

Ashley + Cara

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