As IF there was any doubt, 10-year-old MattyB from ATLANTA ( hollaaaa!) is 100% the next Biebs….except he can actually rap. (Have you ever heard Justin Bieber rap? Painful.)

My friend Liza (you know her), sent me his latest video because A) She knows I love “Wrecking Ball,” and B) She probably knew an interesting convo would ensue. It did.

Me: omg that kid. i’ve seen him. next justin bieber. i cant even.

Liza: he’s so freakin cute. i don’t want him to grow up.

Me: I DO!

Me: wait, that was gross.

Liza: hahahahahhaahahahah

Me: i dont think he’s hot, i swear.

Liza: you can’t take that one back

Me: fml. i feel so rapey all the time. i will check out like, 16 -year-olds.

Liza: cougar in training.

Don’t judge me. And MattyB, I’ll call you in eight years.


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