candle finalA couple things about me…

1. I’m a candle critic. I’ve bought or received too many damn candles that smell delicious, then you light them and the scent is barely strong enough to fill a cardboard box (not that you should be lighting candles in cardboard boxes). FYI, this means they’re shitty and cheap. When in doubt, I stick with Yankee, Anthropologie, or Jonathan Adler.

2. I die for fall/winter/holiday smells. Apple, cinnamon, pumpkin, pine, spiced rum–I adore them all. They make me think of crisp, cool weather, family get-togethers, boots and big sweaters, and most importantly, curling up by a fire with a warm, boozy beverage (or seven).

3. I love wine (see also: wine bottles). I also love Charleston, SC. I’ll get to that…

For these reasons, I have found the most perfect candle to ever exist: Rewined limited-time, seasonal candle in Spiked Cider ($28). It’s a combo of the aforementioned fragrances (apple, cinnamon, clove, buttery rum), fills a room (or apartment) with its magical aroma, AND it lingers. Yesterday, I lit this bad boy for a couple hours in the afternoon, and when I came home after 11 p.m., I was hit with a whiff of amazing (not to be confused with Drakkar Noir) when I walked in the door.
rewinedMore coolness to note: Rewined candles are handmade from wine bottles in Charleston (see, it all comes full circle?). Aside from this seasonal scent, they sell ones that smell like wine (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Champagne, etc.), which I DO also love, but they make me want to drink, whereas the cider candle makes me want to eat an apple, go for a run in the fall air, and/or find a seasonal cuddle buddy. I’m just trying to take the more productive route here, you guys.

I picked mine up at Hemline boutique in Atlanta (the shopping party was great, thanks for asking), and you can find other retail locations online. And as lame as candle gifting can be, it CAN be done right, and anyone would appreciate these gems (especially if they like vino). Or just snag one for yourself and let everyone come over, get a nose-full, and feel the joy.

‘Tis the season.


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  1. STOP! Now I need the candle. That store was awesome btw, the dresses look amazing on…

  2. Ooooh, I saw these at the Yellow Daisy Festival and now I wish I had bought one! Looks like I will have to journey over to Hemline to pick one up!

  3. […] the Yellow Daisy Festival this year and beat myself up for not buying one.  When I saw my friend Ashley of Witty and Pretty post about them, I was even more mad at myself.  Luckily, I found that Rewined sells their candles […]

  4. Fav is the Reisling “flavor”. LOVE these candles 🙂


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