Unfortunately, I did NOT fall in love this weekend at the Fairburn County State Fair, also known as TomorrowWorld (only the biggest electronic music festival in the universe). #Bummer. We still had a blast, but I had a major issue with one of the slogans I kept seeing everywhere…
tw make every secondOh please. Every SECOND? Could the TomorrowWorld marketing team not have gone with “every day” or even “every moment?” Even those are a little dramatic, but every second is just ri-damn-diculous. Anyone who says he or she lives life so every second is legendary is a douchebag. Have you ever had to do dishes? Kiss your boss’ ass at work? Pick up your dog’s shit? Woken up with morning breath? Been dumped by someone you like? Burnt the last bagel when it was all you had to eat in your entire house? Gotten too drunk, sexted your loser ex, then puked on yourself? Ever hear someone say, “OMG, I just scrubbed my toilet and dude, every second was seriously LEGENDARY.” You see my point. The only way this slogan could have been worse is if it said epic instead of legendary. Actually, no, they’re both equally douche-tastic when overused.

But ANYWAY, I digress. The fest was killer and we did see some pretty stellar fashion, so I went ahead and chose one of my fave looks and one of the more “questionable” ensembles. Take your guess which is which.
TW best worst dressedThe festival-goer on the left in the classy black with a pop of colorful florals is none other than badass fashion blogger Teodora Nicolae of The Fashion Lush, and the gal on the right is most likely the girlfriend of Tiesto, David Guetta, or Flava Flav.

As for the SMARTEST dressed, that would be my friend Molly (not a drug reference) and me, who were NOT able to score last-minute passes to the the camping area (called Dreamville), so we planned accordingly just in case we had to crash in the woods.

tw tent shirtObviously, I’ll be patenting this XXL tent-shirt (so don’t steal it, bitches!) and before I know it, I’ll be making $300k in two hours while I sit in front of my laptop like the EDM artists at the fest.

‘Til next year, TomorrowWorld…


*For more TomorrowWorld humor, take a listen to Nikky and I on The Bert Show this morning recapping the fest (and attendees’ gullibility). And for the record, Molly and I were able to sneak into Dreamville, but it was nice to be prepared (and in style) anyway. 

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