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We’re always looking for ways to make a manicure last. Gel is a go-to for lots of gals, but we’re not big fans of using it on a long-term basis. It can weaken and wreck your nails if not removed properly (ie. peeling it off when it starts to chip), and of course, there’s the risk of hand cancer from the UV lights (we don’t judge if you bring sunscreen to the salon).

We always suggest people take breaks from gel, but we know how addicting a long-wearing manicure can be. Enter Vinylux–a new polish line from the makers of the Shellac gel. Skip the base, paint two coats of your preferred polish ($6), top with the Vinylux topcoat ($10), and it dries to a flawless finish, strengthens its resistance to chips over time, and wears perfectly for seven days or more.

Day 1 (color is Negligee):
Day 7:

There are colors that match all the Shellac shades so you don’t have to leave your favorite gel look behind.
cnd-vinylux-color-chart 2

Here’s Asphalt, a color we’re loving for fall and winter:

The best part: It’s removed with regular nail polish remover, no soaking required. So save the gels for vacations and get your hands on Vinylux. We promise you’ll love it just as much as we do. (Buy online at Beyond Polish or Amazon, and search salons that carry it).

Here’s to more durable digits!

Get your long-wearing Vinylux manicure at Buff nail bar, of if you’re not in ATL, live vicariously through their Instagram

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  1. I’m buying some right now!!! A year ago I was diagnosed with melanoma and I can’t risk exposure to UV rays… But I want my nail polish to be pretty!!! Thank you Ashley! I can’t wait to try it!

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