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I don’t know about you gals, but I definitely don’t wash my hair every day…or even every other day most weeks (insert Emoji face here).

When showering sans shampoo, I put it in a bun, but as we all know, the steam and humidity can wreck a blowout and give you a frizz-fro quicker than you can say “FML.”

Beauty guru Emily L. Foley knows a thing or two about hair (largely in part because she has some of the loveliest lady locks in town), and she has discovered the solution for taking a shower (as long and luxurious as you like) while still maintaining your mane:

emily1I have a ton of hair. Like so much hair that no one believes that it all actually grows out of my head. And while I know I should be endlessly grateful for it, there are certain aspects of having so much hair that are difficult. For instance, keeping it all dry in the shower when I’m not washing it (which is most of the time). Which is why Blow Pro’s The Perfect Shower Cap is an ultimate life-saver for me. This baby is big — like big enough that it completely covers all my hair, no problem. It’s also lined in terry cloth, and has super thick elastic, so you have a double layer of defense against moisture, which leads to frizz and ruins blowouts.

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 1.21.49 PM

So whether you have big hair or not, this is a must-have to help your style last for days. And a final word–Yes, it’s $18. Which seems like a bit of an ‘investment’ when it comes to a shower cap, but it is totally worth it for how much time and energy you save re-fixing your hair after a shower.

Check out Emily’s blog and follower her on Twitter for more beauty tips and pop culture quips!

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