Dry Oil

I love translucent finishing powder (I love Too Faced and Laura Mercier) to safeguard against shiny face syndrome, which can creep up (and screw up an otherwise pretty picture) even when you have dry skin like me. Dust it on after your BB cream/foundation/concealer/etc. for a flawless finish, and VOILA: No oily mess on your mug. BUT, I always feared losing that “healthy glow,” and when I saw this quote in Allure from Mr. Michael Kors himself, my worries were realized.

Shit. He was right. Too matte does not a fresh-faced girl make. But come on, MK, no one wants a reflective forehead!

So I came up with the perfect, no-brainer solution.


And I’ve been loving the results! Here’s the order I fix up my face in: BB cream + Bobbi Brown foundation stick + under eye concealer on first, THEN dust the finishing powder on my T-zone (including chin), THEN apply blush on my cheeks, THEN a light brushing of bronzer all over (read about my blush before bronzer theory here). If you have drier skin, using a dry oil as a moisturizer (or even a smidge on your cheeks OVER your moisturizer) before you apply your makeup can give you that lovely, dewy glow.

Shine bright like a diamond.


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