Miley Cyrus Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"

Not only did Miley Cyrus forget her pants last night on Jimmy Fallon (#SHOCKER), but she also forgot how to put a bra on.
Miley Cyrus Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"I actually recognize this look from college and it’s commonly known as “The Walk of Shame.” For this occasion though, they brought in a special designer and I believe her name is Molly.

I watched this interview and Miley (real name: Destiny Hope Cyrus) fidgeted with the over-blouse brassiere constantly, which probably means that as her high wore off, she was like, “What the f*ck am I wearing?”

But it was too late then. She had to perform, dangling bra and all.
Miley Cyrus Visits "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon"As for the shoes, I got a similar style when I sprained my foot last year, but to get THIS specific look, you have to request the Herman Munster special and it costs extra.

You guys, Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest stars in the world right now (literally, her album is topping charts in like, 70 countries), and I honestly wish I could be like, “You know, she knows exactly what she’s doing, and she’s in on the joke, and she actually seems like an intelligent, charming, and cool chick.”

But that’s not the case. She really does suck. She actually might be the least charming person I’ve ever seen in an interview (here’s proof). And her teeth give me night terrors.

I know the more we talk about her, the more famous she gets, but I can’t help it this time. You go on national TV looking like you just came from a frat house where you stole the dude’s shirt and Halloween costume shoes, then used his semen to style your hair and put your bra around your neck like a lanyard and I can’t stop.

And I won’t stop.


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  1. Yeah that literally IS the dumbest thing ever worn. W. T. F.

    The Fashion Lush

  2. Agreed. But, it’s not going to stop me from belting out her songs in the car in an embarrassing fashion. They’re catchy. Fact.

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