I am so excited to reveal our favorite new find: NAIL. CHARMS.

They have an early ’90s vibe going (Cher totally wore ones that said “As if” in Clueless; you just couldn’t tell), but they’re certified retro cool. Want to subtly tell someone to F off? Show the world you’re awesome? Or rich? Or just a bitch? We’ve got the solution. There are a number of companies out there doing different things, but our favorite is Hex Nail Jewelry. They’re cheeky, come in silver or 14K gold-plated, and can be used more than once. We stick them on with a dab of adhesive and they stay on until you remove them.

Hex has lots of accessory selections (unicorns included), but here are some of our faves and the best sellers at Buff.




image-5They’re on the money, honey.

Get accessorized at Buff Nail Bar ($5 each charm with a manicure), or pick them up on Hex’s website. And don’t forget to follow @BuffNailBar on Instagram for more fab fingers.

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  1. How does this work if you are a nail biter or enjoy peeling one piece of nail polish off at a time until your fingers are sore and bleeding? Hmmm… Like the idea tho!

    • Marlena, maybe they’ll be so pretty you won’t want to pick? Regular manicures are a great help for nail biters. Once you see them looking so nice you won’t want to go back to biting!


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