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America’s late night sweetheart, Jimmy Fallon, came to town and stopped by Atlanta NBC affiliate 11 Alive to promote his upcoming takeover of The Tonight Show, shake some hands, kiss some babies, and take photos for Instagram. (For the record, Justin Timberlake was NOT with him.) A few of of us “social media gurus” were invited to meet him, which goes to show that sitting on Facebook and Twitter all day DOES pay off.

We piled in for a photo with him, and I was like, “Wait, Jimmy, are we going to #HASHTAG or what?”
jimmy fallon 4Yes friends, there it is. My “schooling a celeb” face.

But by God, he heard me loud and clear.
Jimmy-Fallon-11Alive-080Although the guy who came up with the damn hand motion couldn’t quite seem to get the hang of it. Maybe he’s camera shy. (Also, please notice Tripp and Tyler of this incredible video #hashtagging in the back.)

And then I was like, “Jimmy, any last words hashtags for me?”

I die.

Move over JT. Jimmy and I are #besties now.
Ashley + Jimmy

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