Introducing a guest post by stylist extraordinaire and overall inspirational and awesome gal: Lillian Charles of Wardrobes by Lillian.

Juicing is cooler than 1,000+ calorie blended coffee drinks,
Strong is the new skinny,
And, in the vein of active, healthy lifestyles,
Leave your sweatpants on…add stilettos.

Gone are the days of corsets, hoop-skirts, and girdles (for the most part) but let’s be real, there are still plenty of UNcomfortable items we ladies put on for the sake of fashion. As far as I’m concerned, that whole “beauty is pain” sentiment is for the birds.

In my humble opinion, beauty, fashion, style, or whatever-you-want-to-call-it can be expressed and explored quite comfortably. If, at almost any given moment, I’m not comfortable enough to go to sleep in my clothes, I’m probably hating myself (never a good look) and dying to change. Lucky for me and anyone else who gravitates towards comfy and chic/sporty and sexy, the “borrowed from the boys” look is all over the place. All hail these J. Crew ads:


photo (36)Pinch me, the world of fashion has caught onto the importance and magnificence of elastic waistbands on first dates and beyond.

If you haven’t caught on yet, here’s the idea: Sweatpants + stilettos + accessories = effortless, luxurious, and stylish.

Note: Stilettos aren’t for everyone, and remember, the goal is comfort, so wear your most comfortable heels–I swear, when you’re rocking an elastic waistband and super-soft pants, foot pain magically seems to lessen.

Here are some ways to get your stylish sweat on…

photo_10 (1)Pictured: Lululemon Athletica Bliss Break sweatpantsTed Baker Osskar oil painting print tee, Comptoir des Cottoniers neutral pumps (circa 2010).

lillian 3Pictured: Lululemon Athletica Free Fall crops (no longer avail, sorry!), old-school Forever 21 polka dotted shirt, Nine West pumps (purchased right before Filene’s closed in Atlanta). 

photo_4 (1)Pictured: Lululemon Athletica Studio Pants in wren, GAP sparkle-ribbed black tank top, BCBG pumps (circa 2005).

All of these looks would be less cohesive without the accessories that pull everything together. The jewelry elevates the slouchy bottoms and communicates well with the stilettos, yes? Well all know certain outfits can be rather bland before finishing touches.

My approach to personal style is: Get real, be comfortable, be confident, and DO YOU. The only necessary trends to follow are the ones that work for your individual lifestyle, budget, personality, etc. So, the next time you’re staring at your closet wondering WTF to wear out on a Friday night, throw on your sweats as if you plan to stay in……

Then add stilettos (and bling).

sweatpants & heels WLC STYLE

Wildfox Couture t shirt
$145 –

3.1 Phillip Lim activewear pants
$310 –

SPURR pumps
$28 –

Stella Dot necklace

Stella & Dot earrings
Stay tuned for more from Lillian and check out her website if you want to get to know more about who she is and what she does!
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  1. Love this witty and pretty girl of glam! Can’t wait to read more articles!

  2. It looks cute in a photo shoot, but in reality I think you’d still look like a stripper in her off hours when pairing sweats and stilettos….

  3. the argument that wearing sweatpants for comfort is pretty weak when you add in stilettos. no stilettos are comfortable.

  4. I’d follow Liillian’s style advice anywhere. She has an AMAZING EYE. So glad you found her, witty and pretty. Thanks for the scoop on sweats and stilettos!


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