It’s official: Fall is here (and I’m not ready). I haven’t even switched out my closet yet, but I suppose I better get on it because colder temps are here to stay. But with the change of season not only comes a change in fashion, but also in beauty routine.

When it comes to my hands and feet, I’m obsessed with keeping them moisturized. There is nothing worse than shaking someone’s hand and feeling dry, scratchy skin. Or pulling on a pair of tights and snagging them with your hangnail. Gross.


But many people think because their hands and feet will be in gloves, cute boots, and socks they don’t need to get manicures and pedicures. Wrong! This is actually the most important time to focus on hand and foot care. It’s all keeping these areas exfoliated and moisturized in drier, colder weather. (And you can always get mani/pedis and skip the polish, allowing your nails to breathe and absorb moisture.)

One of my favorite products to get me through the winter season is Nontoxique’s Cuticle and Nail Balm ($18.50). It’s one of the best lines around (and so healthy for even the most sensitive of skin), plus it takes just the smallest amount to keep nails and cuticles SUPER hydrated. For foot care, I am a huge fan of Nontoxique’s anti-aging Herbal Scrub (awesome for hands and body, too; $20), and Gehwol Blue Intensive Moisturing Cream ($20). These two products keep my feet from resembling blocks of parmesan (never a good look).


Both of the moisturizing creams live by my bed, and (on nights that I’m lucky enough to remember) I apply before I doze off. So to all my mani/pedi people: It’s not just about the polish (although we love that!), but also maintaining healthy hands and feet. Just because summer is over and your nails aren’t as “exposed,” don’t neglect them. Keep on your routine, make moisture a priority, and by the time spring rolls around you’ll be ahead of the beauty game.

Nontoxique products (as well as amazing manis and pedis) available at Buff nail bar

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