I remember like it was yesterday: I had just moved to Atlanta in 2005 and was an UNPAID INTERN at Jezebel Magazine and they sent me to Phipps Plaza (read: rich person mall) to pick something up. After I completed my task, I was in Saks browsing the handbag section (my first mistake) when a sales associate approached me with champagne. Was I technically still on the clock? Probably. Did that stop me? Take a guess.

One glass in, and I had a Cole Haan beauty on my arm and was admiring how we looked together in the mirror. The slick sales lady took notice, and when I strolled across the floor to put the bag back, she trailed me with the bottle of bubbly and forced me to let her top off my glass while she told me how perfect the bag looked on me. Total NINJA. A glass (or three) later (because you don’t turn down free booze when you’re 22 and poor) and I had put my very first item on my very first credit card. It was a $350 bag, and let me reiterate that I was an UNPAID INTERN. Clearly, I was not a finance major. (Mom, don’t let Dad read this story, please.)

Nowadays, I can (usually) afford to pay cash for nice things, but I never got into REALLY pricey handbags (thank God, or I would probably be on the streets…putting true meaning to “bag lady”). Luckily for all of us who love designer goods, but aren’t making Oprah cash (just yet), there is Bella Bag, one of my favorite shopping experiences of all time. If you’re not familiar, it’s THE top retailer of pre-owned, luxury handbags (Hermes, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, etc.) that are either brand new (yes, some people buy $9K bags and never use them) or very gently used.

Chanel woc

And get this: They’re all discounted 30-70% off retail. We’re talking major Chanel bags for under a grand, badass Fendis and Pradas for $500 or less, this ridiculous green Gucci hobo for $469 (I die), and Hermes Birkins for $9,000-$15,000 (hey, that’s better than $20K). Founder Cassandra Connors and her team are VERY selective with the bags they purchase, so you can be sure they’re real (duh) and in tip-top condition (zoom in on the images to investigate and read the “condition rating” if you’re worried about wear and tear). In addition to bags, you’ll find incredible jewelry (the Chanel and Hermes pieces are to-die-for), scarves (again, Hermes), and a $1,200 Chanel umbrella, which I would never buy because A) It’s a $1,200 umbrella, and B) I’ve lost every umbrella I’ve ever owned. But I digress.

Bella Bag is an online store with buyers and sellers from all over the globe, but they also have a showroom in Atlanta. Set one foot inside and you’ll basically black out.

(And that’s only one corner.)

Then you start perusing the shocking discounted prices, and you may have to take a seat and ask for some water (or champagne, whatever). Here I am a few months ago deciding between a Fendi Spy Bag and a unique, ombre Prada.
bagsDo you recognize that smile? It’s my “Can I get a BOGO deal?” grin. And it works .07% of the time.

After much debate (and some boozing), I went with the Prada. My smart decision was confirmed when I realized it was the perfect size for holding one of my favorite items.
cupcake bagMmmm, Cupcake…

But let’s get down to brass tacks (whatever that means). It’s bag buying season. The weather has given us an extra pep in our step, nothing complements badass boots and skinny jeans more than a fab designer bag on your arm, and most importantly…the holidays are approaching and someone in your life is itching to give you a killer present. Bella Bag has partnered with Witty + Pretty (#NoBrainer), so when you make a purchase of more than $500, you get $100 off. That’s right: An entire Benjamin. If you’re shopping online, use code WP100, and if you visit the showroom*, just mention the code or Witty + Pretty for your discount.

You (and your credit card company) can thank me later.


*The Bella Bag showroom is located at 650 Miami Circle, Atlanta 30324. You can stop by during business hours (no appointment necessary): Monday-Wednesday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. and Thursday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.

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