Happy (almost) Halloween, girls ghouls! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.) Hayden here bringing you another helping of top-notch product picks from the Pretty In My Pocket app. Each of these gems can help create all kinds of Halloween looks in addition to being just freaking awesome on a regular day. From feline to ’80s rock star, these stay-put products will last ya’ through the night and solidify your October alter ego.

PRIMPProducts Halloween

1. NARS Eye Paint ($25): NARS is famous for its beautifully pigmented makeup, and these eye paints are no exception. The gel colors are well saturated and can be used as liners or all over the lid color. For a dramatic eye on a wild night out or for the perfect face design for your Halloween makeup, they’re downright marvelous and come in ten different shades (my personal faves are Ubangi, Tatar, and Interstellar).

2. MAC Fix + ($21): While dressing up in costume is a blast, looking in the mirror mid-party and realizing your mug is melting off is NOT. Prevent this disaster with MAC Fix+ setting spray. Simply spritz your face (usually 2-3 times or until you’re fully covered) before or after you apply your makeup. It not only sets and finishes your makeup, but this miracle concoction is infused with a calming blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber so it gives your skin an extra energy and hydration boost. I’ve had this spray for more than three months and am just now halfway through. It’s definitely one of those products you look at and think hmmm not worth it…but honey, Evian Mist Spray has nothing on this bad boy. Try it and you’ll realize once you go MAC, you’ll never go back.

3. Wet n’ Wild Fergie Crème Lipstick ($3.50): I know you’re totally still bitter Fergie Ferg stole your lifelong crush, Josh Duhamel, but you’ll get over it once you try her G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S (and C-H-E-A-P) line of lipsticks and fall in love. They can be a bit drying so apply a lip balm before swiping one on, but the color, quality of the different shades, and the price (obvi) makes this drugstore find a hands down winner. For an easy-yet-dramatic punch to your Halloween look, opt for the black shade, Pagan Angel (perfect for a jungle cat or gothic look), or the rich plum shade, Ferguson Crest Cabernet (for a vampy look).

And while we’re on the topic, have you picked out your Halloween costume yet? Head over to the PRIMP blog and download the app to get inspired by our costume picks and beauty looks throughout October (ahem, Great Gatsby and Katy Perry FTW). And I know Ashley’s just dying to be THIS

PRIMPin’ ain’t easy (but we’re here to help),

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