It was a moment on Facebook none of us could believe and will never forget. Three fashion/beauty bloggers who have tirelessly dedicated our lives and careers to staying on top of trends, and we realized we had not yet experienced one of the country’s biggest crazes.

And I’m not talking about twerking (I think we’ve all done that a time or seven in front of our full-length mirrors).

No, I don’t mean Candy Crush either. (Gross.)

I’m talking about…THE CRONUT.

Now technically that word for the croissant-donut hybrid is trademarked by Dominique Ansel Bakery in NYC, but that hasn’t stopped bakeries across the country from creating their own versions. So Teodora of The Fashion Lush, Jessica of My Style Vita, and yours truly made a date to take our pastry-loving asses to Revolution Doughnuts on a Sunday morning in our Sunday (and sequin) best to try the bakery’s “cro-dough.” And we asked our amazing photographer friend Dylan York to tag along because that’s what true fashion bloggers like those two do on the reg (while I’m just sitting at home writing in sweatpants with coffee breath).

We ordered a cro-dough for each of us. (How much you want to bet other fashion bloggers would share one between them? Actually never mind, they’d probably never do this in the first place.)

cronut5We couldn’t wait to dig in. Pausing for even a second to take photos was pure torture.
And when they hit our lips…I heard angels sing (or maybe that was just the homeless person down the block).
It was the perfect marriage of flaky, moist (YES, I SAID IT), and decadent icing. Icing that immediately turned into lip gloss glaze. (Wait, should I invent that?)



Unlike like most things I’d consume in sequins on a Sunday, it didn’t have alcohol in it, but it was still worth a cheers.
DSC_2355What…a #BrunetteBreakfastClub.

And because we were having so much fun (read: are actually just total fat kids), we decided to order some doughnuts. (Seriously, who does that?)

But we made the right decision. That coconut creation is one of the best baked goods (if not THE BEST), I’ve ever had.

Mission Fat Ass Cronut: Complete.

I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you what I’m wearing. My cro-dough eating ensemble is: Sanctuary ‘Grease’ leggings (I got them from Meringue, but you can snag ’em on, Club Monaco sequin top from last winter, white leather Line & Dot jacket from Bridge Boutique this summer, and Cole Haan pumps. You may recognize my Bella Bag Prada in the first photo, and my wild mani is from (where else but) Buff nail bar.

Check out the other girls’ cronut coverage (and what they’re wearing!) at My Style Vita and The Fashion Lush. And happy drooling…


Special thanks to Dylan York, an all-around badass photographer with exceptionally special talents for shooting events and nightlife, hot hipster girls, and obviously…breakfast pastries.

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