While my girls and I REALLY wanted to go as Sexy Duck Dynasty, Sexy Breaking Bad, and various versions of Miley Cyrus for our Halloween party this past weekend, we decided against it because we thought those costumes were just too obscure and no one would know what we were.

Instead we went with Disney princesses.

But not your typical Disney princesses. We were princesses from the ‘hood. Princesses gone wrong. Princesses who got knocked up in high school and could no longer be princesses, so they just got tatted up, blinged out, and bad weave rockin’. Say hello to…

Jaz-mine AKA Jazzy AKA Aladdin’s Bitch


Poke Her Hontas AKA Lil’ Jon Smith’s Ho
And my alter ego: Ar’iel (pronounced Air-ee-elle)
IMG_0276…who’s apparently from the West side.

Here are a couple close-ups…
IMG_0289 (1)(New way to spell “cutie”?)
IMG_0287Big ups to Gen-X for their unparalleled bling selection…and FEATHER BELLY BUTTON RING (I mean, what?!).

But the best part of the night was 100% hands-down taking duck face selfies. Since none of us had ever (and will never) take a serious duck face selfie, this was the shining moment of our Halloween where we really got to embrace our characters and have out-of-body experiences.




If only Walt Disney could see us now.


If you’re wondering about my costume, I got the wig ($25) and shells at Costumes, Etc. ($4) and just pinned them to a nude bandeau, and I picked up the sequin fabric at Hancock Fabrics ($8). 

If you have any amazing costume photos, send my way at ashley@wittyandpretty.com. I may post some of the best ones later this week!

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