Confession: When I’m in my car signing Katy Perry’s “Unconditionally” at the top of my lungs, I think I should be the next winner on The Voice (love you, Adam).

But I also know I’m the only person who thinks that. If I were to bust out that song and ask someone, “So like, do you think I should pursue a music career?”, I really hope they’d tell me to stick to writing.

So I can’t help but wonder about this Miss Arkansas pageant contestant. She has either never sung for anyone, or the people who have given her feedback are dirty liars (or deaf).

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HOWEVER, her voice may sound like one of these, but she…f*cking…OWNS IT. Her facial expressions, hand/body movements, and overall theatrics prove this beauty queen thinks she is actually Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls. When she drew out that long note at the end, I almost applauded (but I didn’t want to take my hands off my ears).

Bottom line, I admire her balls (the ball gown, not so much). Miss Small Town Arkansas: You go, (dream)girl.


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