I’m always down to try a new alcohol. Who am I kidding, I’m always down for any alcohol, new or old (but not expired……past six months).

Over the weekend, I got my hands on some Tiziano pinot grigio and prosecco ($10-$12) and am a new super-fan of this authentic, affordable Italian vino. I’m also a fan of the company because they like to party and post on Instagram (two of my favorite hobbies). So it makes sense that they’re hosting a “Toast It and Post It” contest where you upload your wine moments on Instagram (bonus if you’re sipping on Tiziano), tag @TizianoWine and hashtag #TizTheMoment, or enter via Facebook through November 7. The winner gets a wine party for 20 people on Tiziano’s tab. But I wonder if you can say you’re having a party for 20, then only invite 10 (or 5) and get double the booze (see, I’m always thinking).

Before uploading a picture of me #TizzingTheMoment (which sounds dirty, am I right?), I decided to peruse some other entries and came across a slew of lovely photographs that made me thirsty.
tiz 2
tiz 5tiz 1And my personal favorite (because of the cheese, duh) from KC You There blog:
tiz 7
Mine seemed a little different than those Pinteresty pics, but this IS how I #TizTheMoment:
tiz the momentYes, I spilled on myself. Or rather, I Tizzed on my chest. Guess I got caught up in the moment.

If you’re chugging wine enjoying a glass of vino between now and November 7 (that should be most of you) and are going to post on Instagram anyway (#obvi), why not tag it up and be entered to win an all-you-can-drink party for 2? I mean 20.

Bottoms up!

*Wine provided by Tiziano

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