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Here’s the deal: Toyota Corolla lent me a 2014 whip for the weekend and encouraged me to pick up my girlfriends and ride around town. I was like, duh. Any chance to drive something other than my 2003 Xterra with (dog) fur-covered back seats and the “Service Engine” light on, I’ll take it. Their tagline for the swanky new car is #UnexpectEverything, but I chose to spend our Saturday doing something pretty, um, expected: Pampering from head to toe and documenting the process. But don’t worry–I didn’t Instagram while driving (did you expect that)?

First stop: White Salon and Spa where I walked in with a mane (more like a mange) I hadn’t washed in…wait for it…an entire week (plus a few hours). Just another freedom of being single! See video above if you think you can handle the hotness.

Here’s our mug shot before picture:
And after the dream team at White worked their magic…
after pic editedYes, those are the same girls. (I don’t even know how to do Photoshop or CGI.)

In between it went something like this…

Chesley getting pretty (and it looks to me like she’s deep in thought reminiscing about her bachelorette party):
IMG_9841Our health and fitness guru Cara getting the royal foil treatment from hair whisperer Max Sanchez:

Oh, and the makeup artist telling Kate she had a “perfect face.” Must be nice.
We snapped our obligatory #CorollaDayOut #UnexpectEverything shot in front of my shiny, new ride…
IMG_3033…and took off for our next destination.

Stay tuned for the #unexpected…


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