I’m just going to say it. If you are still getting French manicures, you are stuck in the ’90s-early 2000s (or the trailer park). If you are getting French manicures with ACRYLIC NAILS, please MySpace me so we can have an intervention.

I know brides still keep this old-school trend alive and I’m sure some gal who recently said her nuptials with the pale pink and pearl combo is fuming right now and itching to leave a nasty comment (bring it, sister), but this look is dated and we all know it.

Since I was heading to Paris last week, I needed a French manicure of my own, so I let nail artist extraordinaire, Hasani at Buff, have free reign over my phalanges. We decided on a classy, navy hue for the season with a little shimmer (Shellac’s Midnight Swim), and then she was like, “I’m thinking we do negative space with a gold stripe.”

And I was like, “Pardon?” (In my pathetic French accent, of course.)

It means to leave some of the natural nail showing, and she did a separation stripe with gold nail tape and put a gel topcoat over it.
IMG_0880Basically, she’s the Vincent Van Gogh of nails.

I was obsessed with this mani and grabbed the closest bottle of French champagne I could find in the salon to celebrate. (Yes, owner–and W+P–contributor Myka has a bottle of Veuve in her office. Definitely someone you want to be friends with.)IMG_0469If it looks like I’m clutching that bottle for dear life, that’s because, well duh.

The nails held up on my trip and I would love to say that a bunch of posh French women stopped me on the streets and asked me about my mani, but posh French women don’t do stuff like that. Or maybe they did and I was just drunk from the wine (at lunch).

Here’s to creating your own nouveau nails (and not this kind).

Au revoir!

*Gel mani with stripe is $45 at Buff

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