LUCKILY by the grace of God, I was texting during The Voice last night and neglected to fast forward a commercial break. In between sending Emojis and confessing how many of these I had just eaten to my girlfriends, I heard a familiar Christmas tune, looked up, saw hot guys in their underwear, and was like, Wait, what’s happening here? A Magic Mike holiday special?

And that’s when I witnessed the best commercial of this holiday season, maybe ever.

You guys, this commercial is REALLY BALLSY (pun…intended), and I think we all know I love to push the envelope. Here are 7 reasons it’s the best ever:

1. The art of the tease. The guys start in tuxes. A seemingly classy act coming your way, then BAM….

2. Dudes in their underwear. And dress socks.

3. The choreography. When have you ever seen six men squat in synchronicity like that? Definitely not at CrossFit.

3. The obvious “Jingle Balls” theme happening here. I meeeeean…

4. …coming from Kmart?! A family place?! Well-played, Big K. Well…played. It almost makes me want to go to the store. (Almost.)

5. The controversy. Of course, a bunch of prudes lashed out (losers), called this ad distasteful, and are threatening to ban the store. I’m sure they will feel right at home at Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

6. Hashtag #ShowYourJoe. If that’s not a way to flirt/creep via Twitter/Instagram, then I don’t know what is.

7. It reminds me of the bell choir at my childhood church. Ok, maybe that’s weird.

Happy holidays, lovers!

Jingle all the way,

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