With the holidays coming up, I decided it would be a nice opportunity to (temporarily) adopt one of the lonely designer handbags in the Bella Bag showroom and give it a warm, loving home over Thanksgiving. I’m just charitable like that, you guys.

Whilst owner Cassandra assisted me in selecting the perfect travel tote, I began to realize her freakish knowledge of every single bag in the showroom. So I was like, “Hey girl, let’s play a game.” (Plus, when I actually wash my hair/put makeup on/get dressed, I like to linger in public places as long as possible.)

And…this happened.

Luckily, she didn’t keep them all, so there are still hundreds of gorgeous, designer arm candies seriously discounted for you to take home for the holidays (more on Bella Bag’s amazing spiel here).

And here’s the lowdown on the upcoming SALES:
1. Use code WP100 online at checkout or mention Witty + Pretty if you’re shopping at the showroom for $100 off (if you spend $500 or more).
2. On Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, there will be major tiered discounts on more than 100 bags and you can use the WP code on top of them!
3: If you think you can name more bags than Cassandra (you can’t), comment or message me and we’ll set up a Designer Handbag Challenge for you. If you win (you won’t), she’ll give you a Chanel flap bag (!?!?!) from the showroom. Best of luck!

Oh, and if you want to know which bag I chose to foster this week, find me on Instagram @AshHess for the elusive (and douchey) #LouisVuittonSelfie….


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