Do you want your nails to look like Christmas tree decor? Of course you do. Since this month tends to be busy with parties, shopping, eggnogging, etc., we decided to keep it easy and chic, but still merry and bright. The Gold Garland is a gel manicure so it will last for weeks, and the shiny sparkle is more insane than Wal-Mart on Black Friday.


To get this look we use a clear gel polish, then sprinkle actual glitter onto the nails while they’re still wet and cure it under an LED lamp. Colors range from red to white to pink to purple to gold to silver. Pick your pretty.

gosh nail glitter pots

You can also try it on your (mistle)toes.

Now when you get stressed during holiday shopping/party hosting/travel planning, glance down at your hands and/or feet, and let the sparkle de-stress you. Eggnog helps with that, too.

*Gold Garland gel mani is $45 at BUFF Nail Bar

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