I. Love. This. Playlist.

As usual, it was mostly curated by our fitness expert/thinspiration Cara Weaver with a few doozies added by moi (ie. “Money Ain’t a Thang–forgot how dope that jam was) and it’s made for running, kickboxing, CrossFitting, Jazzercising, or just seeing how fast you can crush Christmas cookies at a holiday party. We have 50+ tracks from the likes of Zendaya, Calvin Harris, JT, Fall Out Boy, Icona Pop, Avicii (duh), Destiny’s Child, Pitbull (did you guys know he goes by Mr. 305?), and so many more.

Here’s the http link also. Enjoy!

(And if you thought this was going to be holiday tunes, don’t worry; it’s a’comin…)

Ashley + Cara

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