Ladies, even if you’re a Hot Topic-shopping, Boone’s Farm-drinking, acrylic nail-getting, Golden Corral-eating gal, there is hope for you to look like Kate Middleton yet.

(And I really hope none of you readers personally identified with that description.)

There is one item of outerwear that will make you look classy even if you are wearing a G-string and a belly chain underneath.

It is: The Cape.

I was introduced to master cape creator Leslie Tessler at a trunk show in Atlanta, and I knew the second I tried on the tartan wool beauty, I had to have it (I also had to wash my hair).
Here’s why everyone woman needs one:

1. They are instant class and style. Duh.

Here I am wearing mine in Paris with literally nothing underneath.

capeOk, that’s a lie, but you’d never know…

2. Warmth. Mine is very cozy but Leslie’s capes come in lighter and heavier materials for various climates. They also have inside pockets so you can tuck your hands in. AND the length covers more of your body (is there anything worse than a cold crotch?).

3. They look incredible with infinity scarves and long gloves. And skinny jeans. And leggings. And Frye boots. And Hunter boots. And dresses/skirts. And sweatpants (what?). And everything.
leslie 4
4. Put it on backwards = instant Snuggie. BOOM. Perfect for traveling.

5. If you’re coveting a Leslie Tessler piece, get 20% off with code WITTYPRETTY through Christmas (note from Leslie: Expedited orders placed by Thursday at 9 p.m. EST will still arrive in time for Xmas. Just make sure to choose Fedex 2 day instead of the free Fedex ground.)

Superhero powers come naturally.


If you end up snagging a cape, show me on Instagram @AshHess!

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