New Year’s Eve: The best excuse for sequin dresses, sparkly nails, and getting champagne drunk and making out with a random. (Duh.)

Behold these manicures from Buff Nail Bar perfect for ringing in 2014. (PS, how the f*ck is it 2014?)

Fab Foil
nye nails 1
Newsflash: Foil isn’t just for your Christmas dinner leftovers. I love how every finger looks different and awesome. ($45 at Buff or $2.50 per nail)

The Party V
nye nails 2
The Deep V mani is badass by itself, but do it with black, white, and gold and it’s basically the honey badger of nails. ($45 at Buff)

Gold Garland
nye nails 3Remember this gel + glitter amazingness? If you’re wearing a black dress, mix it up with bright colors and BAM! You’ll out-sparkle the disco ball. ($45 at Buff)

nye nails 4I die. Gold foil with crystal accents FOR. THE. WIN. ($45 at Buff or $2.50 per nail)

And saving the best for last…

Shine Bright Like a Diamond
nye nails 5Swarovski crystals are applied on every nail then coated in gel. I mean, WHAT. Get these if you want to look rich (or are actually rich). ($125 at Buff)

Now all you need is a bottle (or six) of bubbly.

Cheers to the new year!


*FYI, Buff does a “mani of the month” where speciality manicures like the ones above are $35 instead of $45. Get you some.

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