Remember back when selfies were cool? Well NOT ANYMORE, you social media lovers and losers.

Selfies are the new LOL (no offense, Mom), and these days, you’re only cool on Facebook/Instagram/Christian Mingle if you do a #LipSyncSelfie video.

Says who?


story tribble

That’s right. The same stud muffin who basically invented the selfie, perfected the gym and airplane selfies, and has roughly 82093842098349234 followers on his social media accounts has outdone himself with this astounding and innovative self expression.

Well after Repticon (disaster) last weekend, ol’ Tom decided to give Tribble a run for his money. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite grasp the whole “lip sync” part because he is not very smart, but he was onto something…

story of my life trey

After one week of intensive training, he LITERALLY CRUSHED IT whilst on the latest Fur Bus.
fur bus selfie
So Tribble rebuttaled (is that a word?) with a GYM #LipSyncSelfie that is a more majestic and inspirational work of art than Madea Goes to Jail.

tribble gym

Tribble hit ME with an Internet challenge and since I was headed to Flywheel, I figured I may as well give it a spin (literally).

flywheel selfie

But still, none of us have anything on this pro…

Let the games begin.


Show us your best #LipSyncSelfie using the hashtag and make sure you’re following those two idiots beefcakes on Instagram: @FurBusTrey @TribbleReese (I’m @AshHess). 

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