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I’ve had horrific periods since puberty hit. Like, fetal-position-nausea-cramping-migraines-for-three-days kind of periods that made me want to kill myself. I seriously would’ve lost less blood from a gun shot wound, and I suffered through this torture month after month for 17 years because I was unwilling to take pharmaceuticals to regulate my body (call me crazy). But recently, I started dating a vitamin and supplement super expert (I swear–he manages a Whole Body section of Whole Foods, and we all know they put the BEST people in the Whole Body section), and after witnessing one horrific cycle, he put me on a natural and healthy regimen he swore would ease the process (for both of us).

I will be honest; it’s not immediate. But I followed this plan, and after my third period cycle (just three short months!), my cramps were minimal and treatable, my flow was much lighter, and I had no migraines, bloating, or anything really. It’s nothing short of a menstrual miracle, so….I will share with you how my boyfriend cured my period.

natural period remedies

Maca Root: This Peruvian plant has been known to treat ailments from Leukemia to erectile dysfunction, but for this purpose, it helps with hormonal imbalances in woman and menstrual symptoms. Maca isn’t a hormone itself; it helps support the natural function of your body’s hormonal system, balancing the amount of estrogen in the system that could be out of whack from external estrogen absorption. Side bar: It’s also known to aid in fertility. So if you’re looking to get preggers, incorporate it into your regimen, but if not, be super careful. (And Maca shouldn’t be taken if you’re pregnant). You can buy for about $16 a bottle and follow the dosage (for me, two capsules daily).

Pueraria Mirfica Phytogen (commonly called PM Phytogen): This plant initially used in Thailand had been called the “Fountain of Youth” because of its anti-aging properties, but my interest in this supplement is the way it modulates estrogen in the body. If your body has too much estrogen, PM weakens the effect; and conversely, it stimulates estrogen during down periods. For me, the combination with the Maca root has really helped modulate my body’s hormones in a way that has greatly helped my menstrual cycle. It’s very important to purchase the specific brand linked here ($20ish), because there have been products that lack integrity on the market and this brand has be vetted and recommended by medical and naturopathic doctors alike. I also take this daily.

Cramp Bark (and no, I don’t mean that moment when you angrily snap at someone whilst in cramp hell): When my cramps would hit, I’d be taken out for days at a time, popping Advil like candy with little impact. Even though the Maca and PM have really eased my period pain, I still do get cramps on the first and second day Aunt Flo comes to town. Instead of reaching for your standard pain relievers, now I down a few tablets of Cramp Bark upon onset. Grown in North American soil, the Native Americans were the first to discover its properties and now the general market uses it to relax uterine spasms, known as cramping. I was leery that a natural remedy could be used for pain control, but it really has alleviated nearly all cramp pain during my period. You can purchase at most Whole Foods and on Amazon ($16ish).

Geranium Oil: I’m still not exactly sure how it works, but rubbing essential Geranium oil ($12ish) across my abdomen also helped with cramps. I usually try this method first before taking Cramp Bark. I find it less effective with major cramping, but perfect for any minor, nagging pain. I always keep it on hand during that time of the month as a simple (and aromatic!) fix.

Organic Tampons: We’ve all heard stories of idiot party girls soaking tampons in booze to get drunk faster, right? I’m not sure if that’s just an urban legend, but your lady bits ARE very absorbent and can bring toxins straight into the blood stream. This is why organic, cotton tampons are a great option for your overall health–no chemicals or fragrances to be absorbed into your system for no reason. Once you get your system regulated, the use of safer tampons will continue your health “down there.” (And always keep vodka above the belt.)

I’m not a nutritionist, doctor, or specialist of any kind, but I so strongly vouch that this all-natural regimen is helping moderate my hormones and has completely changed the way I experience my period. Also, I can only speak on the specific products linked in this article because in the world of supplements, all are not created equal. Please research each item yourself and only try what feels right to you, but hopefully this will help some of you ladies who are plagued by your monthly crimson tide.

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