Over the weekend, BREAKING NEWS out of Atlanta made national headlines. The Buckhead Neighborhood Coalition planned a protest to keep BIEBER OUT OF BUCKHEAD, because they have nothing better to do on a Monday morning after they gas up their Range Rovers and pass their kids off to the help.
justin bieber protest
Well this was absolutely ridiculous, and obviously TMZ, Gawker, and the like picked it up. Nikky and I knew we couldn’t miss this history taking place in our own backyard, so we dragged our asses out of bed at 5 a.m. (after much vodka/Fireball last night), picked up our $5 Starbucks lattes, and got in protest mode.

Luckily, there were extra signs on site for us.
moms against justin bieber protest

Moms Against Bieber? HELL YES. #MAB

Although 500+ people RSVP’d to the protest, we soon realized the rich Buckhead folk had opted to sleep in rather than support their cause. There were a total of 3 actual protestors in attendance, but about 47 media people—the local FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC affiliates, multiple radio stations, a news outlet from BERLIN (as in, Germany), and….TMZ. Hell, TMZ even sent one of their reporters from Miami for this EPIC event.

As it turned out, Nikky and I were the most popular “protesters” on the scene and did interviews with every media outlet because we are attention whores enjoy speaking our minds.
justin bieber protest fox 5 atlanta

Nikky’s best quote: “Our husbands have worked hard to make Buckhead the rich, pretentious community it is. We don’t need Bieber with his abs and his attitude coming here to cause chaos.”

I am especially proud of my quote during my FOX interview: “This is the only protest ever sponsored by Starbucks and Neiman Marcus.”

I was lucky enough to speak with one of the real protestors.

What…..a vivacious gentleman.

We hung around, made up some chants (“Baby, baby, baby, NO!”), and when we realized no more protestors were showing and the “march” to JB’s future house wasn’t happening, we fled the scene to go back to bed.

But Rock 100.5 called and wanted us to come in studio and recap our experiences on The Regular Guys morning show. So, duh.

We arrived and got settled in with our coffee breath…
the regular guys atlanta bieber protest
And that’s when they told us THEY were behind the whole thing. They made the Facebook page. They had been doing interviews and sending quotes to CNN and BBC. The three “protestors” were their interns.

Well fucking played, guys. Although I still can’t believe out of those 500+ people who RSVP’d to the protest thinking it was real, not one showed up. Way to support a cause you believe in, Buckhead.

Bizzle, bring your no-shirt-wearing, house-egging, drag-racing, DUI-gettin’ ass to Buckhead. Let’s party.

Ashley + Nikky

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