In this day and age, where the average person receives about 3475938475938745983 promotional emails a day (or more if you’re a loser who still has spam-filled Hotmail or Yahoo, no offense), businesses really have to master the art of the subject line.

Well, Spirit Airlines just did. We always knew they were cheap, but now they’re just plain slutty…

spirit airlines
…but brilliant.

As my friend Christine who writes email copy for Delta just stated: 1) It will get fwd’ed by everyone AND 2) Doesn’t trip the spam filter. But like the slutty girl taking Soco and lime shots in a tube top and capris, it reeks of desperation.

She’s right. But I’d love to see their open legs rates today.

Spirit, I probably won’t go down on you, but I do respect you more. (There’s a line I’ve never heard before.)


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