Neutral-colored brassieres and undies in the spring/summer? No thanks. The sun is shining bright and our lovely lady lumps should be shining brighter. What?

Let it be known (everyone already knows) that I love to show my bra. Not in a slutty, side-boob, DTF kinda’ way, but in a subtle, sheer-shirt-with-bright-or-black-bra-underneath fashion. We are all forever indebted to Carrie Bradshaw for making this socially acceptable for non-prostitutes.
carrie bradshaw bra showing(I’ll pass on those army green slacks though.)

My favorite site to peruse and shop for said bright beauties is Journelle—the mecca of amazing lingerie in so many cool designers, styles, and price ranges (we’re talking Hanky Panky to La Perla). And they are doing something right because I actually open their promotional emails so I can drool over everything then robotically reach for my credit card. #FML.

Here are some pieces I’m coveting at the moment. And in case you’re wondering, hell yes I mix and match bras and panties…just like I mix and match vodka and wine on any given weekend.


Bras left to right: Natori’s most perfect Racerback ever ($66), Princesse Tam Tam’s turquoise plunge dream ($71), and Cosabella’s ridiculously comfortable, second-skin-lace sweetie soft bra ($58)

Panties left to right: La Perla’s royal blue cheeky that makes your ass your amazing ($48), Huit’s sunshiney boy short ($42), and Hanky Panky’s flowers for your lady garden ($23)

And get this ladies (and gents who are shopping for ladies and/or have weird lingerie fetishes): Journelle is offering W+P a special offer! Use code WITTYANDPRETTY (caps count) at checkout and get 15% off your purchase through April 16 (use that tax refund, gurrrrl)! And just make sure you’re heading over to the site via one of the links provided above.

Now, it’s just a matter of who to show your new underthings off to…..


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