Who’s ready for a beach vacay?! (That should be everyone.) Sun, sand, relaxing, day drinking, and humblebrag hashtags. Ahhhh….

Today’s giveaway is a must-have for a trip to the tropics (or the Florida panhandle, whichever). It’s a perfect coverup courtesy of South Moon Under, which if you weren’t aware, is my favorite store in the world. I love SMU for everything from denim to dresses to sweaters to shoes, but I get especially excited for the summer styles as they carry an expertly curated collection of swimsuits, sandals, beach-wear, totes, and more. When I shop the actual store in Delaware, I black out, go on a maniacal shopping spree, then have to go drink to ease the “just drained my checking account” anxiety. What…a picture of responsibility.

ANYWAY, a couple styles are up for grabs:

SMU coverup 1smu coverup 2

smu coverup 3

Winners may choose which style they want.

To win: Head over to the Witty + Pretty Facebook page, make sure you like the page, and leave a comment on the coverup post with your dream vacation destination. For example, mine is Cable Beach in Australia because you can ride CAMELS on the damn beach (anyone else have that on their bucket list!?). I have got to get to Australia like, yesterday. You must post by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 25 and the winners will be selected randomly next week.

I want a margarita.


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