One day at the Bella Bag showroom, owner Cassandra Connors and I got to chatting about her freakish knowledge of handbags and I put her to the test of naming a bunch on the spot. She got every…last…one.

So I decided to take it up a notch and blindfold her.

See if she can recognize a bunch handbags by touch (and smell) alone. And how she warmed up for it…

Well then.

For more info on Bella Bag and all the incredible gems they sell for 30-70% off retail, check out this article. And remember, you can get $100 off a purchase of $500 or more by using code WP100 (either online or mention at the showroom).

Have another challenge for Cassandra? Let us know with a comment! And if you think you can beat her, we’ll set you up with a handbag name-off; if you win, she’ll give you a Chanel from the showroom (seriously).


See which bag I’m carrying right now on Instagram @AshHess.

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